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Wednesday, April 02, 2003
      ( 11:12 AM )

Only 579 Days Left
Daily Kos reports today that John Edwards raised $7.4 million in booty for his campaign in just the first quarter. I'm starting to really think about this coming election in terms of life or death for this country. At first I liked Edwards because Nader endorsed him. But, along with being so incredibly hawkish, Edwards' first trip to Oregon last month wasn't to meet and greet the "every day people" he professed to be for in his coming-out on the Today show, nope - it was a high-cost wine and dine at an exclusive downtown wine-tasting. Very disappointing. I proudly admit that I voted for Nader in 2000 - I do think the neocons ran dirty against Gore, but I also believe Gore could have run a MUCH better campaign against the nut who's in office now. (Besides the fact that Gore actually won, but that's water under the bridge) Anyway, because the Bush Brigade has so badly injured this country and the world in only 2 1/2 years, I think it's time that the "Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party" bands together and put energy behind a Dem candidate that can win.

At this point, I am for Dean. He's the best of the crop, he's a Washington outsider and he isn't afraid to say what he thinks, and he isn't afraid to put forward a platform of actual change for this country. He also has a blog. I also like his state - it's very calming to drive through Vermont. Anyway - I would like Gen. Clark to run with Dean, I think that would be the best ticket that could challenge the chickenhawks in office right now. Buzzflash is right - Rove is not going to let domestic issues have any stage in the election if he can help it, so if it's gonna be about this war, then this team can handle that too. I know a lot of Dems are still for John Kerry, but he is constantly saying how he supports W - that is not the way to win the "hearts and minds" of the Dem base, in my opinion. I think I'm going to find out how I can volunteer for Dean's campaign here in Oregon - I'm going to try and attend the next Meetup, just to see what the support base is like here. I feel like it may be time to take some action - as the old folks say, to win, you gotta either have money or numbers. We may not have the money the Repubs have, but we can get the numbers if we take this seriously, leave the idiotic DLC wonks behind and really work at a revolution.

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