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Friday, April 18, 2003
      ( 4:28 PM )
You Say It's Your Birthday
Well, It's My Birthday Too

Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday. I'm proud to now be "well into" my 30's. I worked hard to get here. I feel like my 20's lasted at least 3 decades, and so I'm feeling pretty good to be in my 30's. This is my first birthday as a mama. But for my birthday present, my own mom has taken the Kid for the night so P and I can go to dinner and the movies (haven't been to the movies in over 6 months - we used to go every weekend B.K. (before Kid)), and so we can actually sleep in on Saturday (instead of the usual 5:45 wake up yell). I'm also proud that I've gotten a little over 1,000 hits on my blog in its early life, and that makes me happy. That's meager for some, but feels pretty great to a novice like myself. I hope that this Easter weekend is one of peace for people of all beliefs. Happy Birthday to Me!

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