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Wednesday, April 16, 2003
      ( 1:48 PM )
Today I love TIM ROBBINS

Actually, I have always loved Tim Robbins, but this week has again reminded me how much it sucks that people like him actually don't get to lead the country. His speech to the National Press Club is here - a must read. Thanks for the link, maru. And then check out mwowwww for the Rush Limbaugh follow up to Tim Robbins' speech.. or should I say the pathetic whimpering of a man who is fast losing his fan base to more reactionary talk jocks like Hannity.

Tim Robbins' fantastic words this week, both to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and in this speech yesterday have reminded me of that time Martin Sheen was asked after one of his arrests at an SOA protest if he thinks he may have lost acting parts or jobs because of his politics and activism. His reply: "God, I hope so."

Ah, real men. Men in the public eye who actually want to make the world better ....not aggressively attack it and dominate it out of some sad need to compensate for their own personal inadequacies. But I digress.

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