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Monday, April 14, 2003
      ( 4:12 PM )
So Many Peace Activists, So Few Israeli Bullets

I haven't seen any mention of this elsewhere, but on Friday, Israeli troops managed to shoot yet another peace activist, Tom Hurndall of England. And not just shoot him, shoot him in the head so that he is now brain dead. He was trying to help children get out of the road to escape Israeli gunfire. The IDF reported it had shot a "Palestinian Gunman," but no such "gunman" was reported shot later on, and Hurndall turned out to be the only casualty.

This follows the shooting of Brian Avery of New Mexico, who was shot in Jenin last week - shot in the face by a tank, and if he recovers will likely never speak again.

...which followed the crushing to death of Rachel Corrie, who was blatantly run over by an IDF tank.

Not that anyone's paying attention...

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