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Monday, April 14, 2003
      ( 11:56 AM )
Oh How Lovely Is Thine Hypocrisy

It's so nice to start the week off with a few more reasons to wonder how in the hell did these people get to rule the world???

While BushCo thinks it would only be fair to eliminate Iraq's debt (in order to make it easier for US contractors to get in there and start making money off the backs of the Iraqis), the Administration still hasn't changed its position and continues to oppose debt forgiveness for Argentina, Bolivia and all the other Latin and South American countries that are falling to pieces under the weight of the IMF and World Bank.

So, we didn't find any WMD on the march through Iraq - who cares? It was only a pretense for war. Speaking of pretenses, the WMDs must have been moved to Syria. I know! We'll find them ourselves. So far the only WMDs in the region are in Israel. But who's counting?

"Free people are free to make mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things," so sayeth Donald Rumsfeld on allowing looters to ransack the country while U.S. forces look on. But Freedom is Pricey in our own country, where the PATRIOT Act may be made permanent if we don't watch out.

We are told by our government that we have the moral high ground in the world - and yet, countries that we have allied ourselves with, but are of more danger than any of the countries we're currently threatening, are publicly voicing their displeasure at our heavy-handedness. Does BushCo even sense the danger that lurks behind these words?

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