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Friday, April 11, 2003
      ( 9:52 AM )
This Week's DumbAss Congressman Award Goes To...

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Georgia). He is calling for the Bush administration to terminate an 881 million dollar contract signed 2 years ago for an eight-year period with French company, Sodexho Alliance, making them the supplier of food to the Marine Corps.

Sodexho spokesperson, Leslie Aun, warns that the termination of this contract will not only bring about severe financial consequences for the United States but will also take away thousands of jobs for American workers.

The White House is secretly trying to get the point across that it doesn't support this kind of action...and we don't have to wonder why: Interestingly, Sodexho is the 57th largest employer in America, and $300 million of the Sodexho contract amount is directed to subcontractors owned by women, minorities and companies that hire disabled workers. Not only that, but if we actually did take this "boycott French stuff" seriously - the damage that can be seriously done to us by other countries boycotting US companies is immeasurable. You wanted globalization - well, if we boycott them, then we could lose OUR jobs. How do you like them apples, Rep. Kingston?

Ellen Goodman sums up the situation much better than I.

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