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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
      ( 1:02 PM )
All's Fair and Balanced in the Blogosphere

I'm joining in the fun...becoming part of the Movement. In case you haven't heard, Fox News is suing Al Franken because the subtitle of his new book is "Fair and Balanced." As Tom Tomorrow says, that's reason enough to buy the book (but, as Tom says, not until after you buy this one).

Seeing the Forest has joined in, along with Digby and tons of others. Daily Kos has something to say about it as well. Come on, join the movement! We're all Fair and Balanced - otherwise, why would we blog?

UPDATE: Looks like Drudge's coverage and the movement have helped sales

UPDATE UPDATE: Blah3.Com has the entire movement listed, along with the sales scoop... with special honorable mention to Maru, who's our favorite Fairly Unbalanced blogger.

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