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Monday, August 11, 2003
      ( 4:27 PM )
Portland Says No To Bush

Round Two. Get ready, Oregonians. It's possible that Eugene may go into a complete lock-down mode - word is W will be at U of O (there appears to be heated debate about whether to break out the old Black Bloc or just create a nice size swarm).

For any of you who cringe at the thought of being delayed in traffic or who feel it is unfair to shoppers when downtowns close down due to protestors, I would like to point you towards the fact that your slight inconvenience in January and February of this year pales in comparison to the inconvenience now being felt by Iraqis and our own troops. In anticipation of an overwhelming veto of this president in next year's general election, there are going to be many acts of civil disobediance and protest demonstrations. It is the right and the responsibility of every citizen of this country to stand up to tyranny, especially when it eminates from our own government. Be there or be silent. Look what silence has gotten us so far. You know I'm a direct action kind of mama, and I believe strongly that once the citizens leave the streets empty, our votes will be hollow as well. It's a two-fold responsibility - speaking out and voting loudly.

Whether or not riots ensue, the cause of these demonstrations is a valid and very important message: we aren't going to take it anymore and we're going to say something NOW. Out Loud.

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