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Friday, September 19, 2003
      ( 11:52 AM )
America the Disloyal

Media Whores Online note that a plurality of Americans now think the Iraq invasion wasn't worth it:

Fewer than half of Americans (43%) think the war
was worth the loss of life and other costs, the
lowest number yet in CBS News polls, while more
(47%) think it was not worth the costs. Last month,
the public was evenly split on this question.

How dare they. And how dare CBS conduct such a poll. Or, as Atrios puts it:

It's these kinds of polls that give aid and comfort
to the enemy, whoever they may be. CBS is
irresponsible for running the information, and when
more soldiers die they will be to blame.

... Perhaps we could ask if it's time for America
to invade America - given how disloyal it is.

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