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Thursday, September 18, 2003
      ( 11:02 AM )
Checking in with the Dads

I missed my usual round up of my favorite dad blogs last week, so today I thought I'd do a little catch-up. And boy am I glad I did. I would have missed Being Daddy's announcement about the big change in his and his family's lives. I wish him the best as he begins this new challenge as a Stay at Home Dad. It prompts me to wonder how many children right now are living without a parent primarily due to military service.

In other Dad News, Daddy Take a Picture is on a short break, but did let us know that he's decided against the new high-power job and for staying home with his kids. Rebel Dad is just back from a big trip so we'll let him relax for a while. But check out his links to all the hot news on the Stay at Home Dad topics. Laid-Off Dad hints that "staying at home" is not exactly a relaxation regimen. Amen to that.

Fulltime Father confronts some very real issues for parents and confrontations about behavior in public places - a must read. And Kos over at Fishyshark is tired of pregnancy. Just wait Kos, you don't know tired yet! Finally, I will close with a little parental Haiku from Adam Gerstein, Stay at Home Dad:

What's that smell, my sweet?
Rotten food? Roadkill skunk? Dog?
Alas, it's Code Brown.

All kudos go to the Dads who love and take care of their kids. A special shout out to my very own Stay at Home Dad Husband, who not only works hard every day, but raises my son to be the kind of kid that I would want my son to be. It's not every girl who gets a deal like I have and I have to say I feel very lucky and proud. ... /mooshiness

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