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Monday, September 15, 2003
      ( 1:21 PM )
Get'cher Red Hot Lies Right Here!

MoveOn.org has found a new and improved way to disseminate truth. Sign up now for Misleader.Org...the new website that will keep track of Bush's daily statements and email counteracting TRUTH! I'm looking forward to my daily dose of truth...starting with this:

Bush said: "the budget for next year boosts funding for elementary and secondary education to $53.1 billion. That's a 26-percent increase since I took office. In other words, we understand that resources need to flow to help solve the problems."
The Truth is: Bush's proposed elementary and secondary education budget for next year is $34.9 billion, not $53.1 billion, according to his own Department of Education. It's his total proposed education budget that is $53.1 billion. More importantly, there is no next-year "boost" in this budget. Elementary and secondary education received $35.8 billion in 2003. Bush's 2004 budget cuts that back nearly a billion dollars, and the overall education spending in his budget is the same as the 2003 level.

Truth should not be a casualty in the battle to improve this country.

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