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Friday, September 12, 2003
      ( 9:02 AM )
Why One Veteran Won't Be Voting For Bush

What about the rest of us?

While I'm continuously confounded by what this administration is able to get away with, I'm sure my frustration is nowhere near what people of experience, especially vets like my dad, are feeling. Here are a couple of really succinct reasons not to vote for Bush. Simply put, he entered the presidency promising to be the "CEO President" - to manage and lead (in contrast, he claimed, to the previous administration). Yet, every step he's taken has not been one of leadership or skilled management, but bumbling, missteps and lack of accountability.

Are we still holding him to the low expectation standard? Can't we, after 3 years of him in office, start applying to him and his administration the standards of accountability we should expect from a president? When the decisions he is making affect us so directly and affect whether actual people are living or dying, shouldn't we be as fervent in our pursuit of his accountability as we were with Clinton? At least?

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