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Thursday, September 18, 2003
      ( 12:12 PM )
Party with Al, Gloria, Whoopi and New York Activists

Now THIS looks like fun. If you're in or near NY, you may want to check it out.

UPDATE: (still perusing yet unexplored avenues on the Dean blog) ....okay, it's obvious that I'm a Dean supporter. But come on, what other candidate has so many people writing original songs about him?? This has to mean something. Sample:

40 Million people can’t afford to get sick
While the people in Washington are up to their tricks
They give to you with one hand while they’re taking away
Everything you thought you had for a rainy day

Call the doctor, tell everyone
We gotta put the doctor in Washington
To cure what ails you
From Maine to California
And Texas too..

(From DC Blues)


When every other nation, that we call civilized
Will take care of their people, from birth until they die
Why can’t my home, America, give all of us health care?
Why must I go to Canada to buy my meds up there?

So let’s get together for America
Land of equality, home of the free
Let’s put Howard Dean in the white house
Cause it’s our house, not George Bush’s house
Let’s get on track and take our country back

(From Song For America)

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