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Thursday, October 30, 2003
      ( 1:50 PM )
Mama's A Little Late to the Solidarity Game
But She Wants to Play Anyway

Forgive me for the redundancy, but since I had a sick day away from the computer yesterday, I now will take my place next to my fellow bloggers in complete and utter disbelief at the ridiculous antics of Donald Luskin (warning: that link leads to a creepy blog). For those of you who don't keep up with the economics columns - Luskin writes for the National Review Online, and has of late taken to expressing what seems to be quite unadulterated psychotic hatred for our pal Paul Krugman- economist extraordinaire and columnist for the New York Times.

Now Luskin has gone off the deep-end, having his lawyer send Atrios a letter threatening to "out" his identity and sue him for calling Luskin a stalker and for the comments left by readers on one of his posts. Mama has a couple of points:

First, any threat to a blogger that his or her identity will be 'outed' is a threat to all bloggers. The protection of privacy is the one aspect of the internet that gives advantage to all. Not only is this kind of threat uncool, it's very criminal in its nature, given the fact that most bloggers depend on anonymity (herself herein included) to be able to express themselves in their blogs.

Second, Luskin's lament that Atrios has committed libel by calling him a stalker of Krugman is so incredibly lame because Luskin called himself a stalker of Krugman! Not only that, but Atrios is far from the only person to have called Luskin this since Luskin began his very obvious stalking of Paul Krugman. For God's sake, he rants on and on about Krugman being evil and dangerous and virtually pants as he describes stalking Krugman at one of his book signings!

Unfortunately for Luskin, he's made the wrong move if he was somehow trying to get vindication from Atrios. He's playing in the wrong field if he thinks he can take on bloggers.

Chiming in have been among others, Kos, Digby, TBogg, Billmon, CalPundit, Tom Tomorrow, BlahBlahBlah, Slacktivist, and of course, Uggabugga has a chart and Tom Burka has the last laugh.

Mama says to Mr. Luskin: I am Atrios.

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