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Friday, October 17, 2003
      ( 11:32 AM )
Okay, Who's The Wise Guy

This news just on the wire over at Reuters: Two separate Southwest Airlines planes had bags containing boxcutters and bleach in their lavatories last night (in Houston and New Orleans), which were discovered during maintenance today. So now ALL airplanes are going to be searched. What is going on? Here's the cryptic part:

A note in both packages indicated the items
were intended to challenge the TSA checkpoint
security procedures, Southwest said. It
immediately turned over the items to authorities.

Hmmm. Well, in terms of showing the sad state of TSA's "security," the stunt worked. In terms of being stupid and being really, really, REALLY stupid - I wonder if the guy knew enough not to leave fingerprints.

This is just one incident. But it seems like a lot of things are piling up lately to show that all those promises about how we are safer now and that something like 9/11 will never happen again are pretty empty as far as promises go. I just pray something like 9/11 does NOT happen again - and if it does, it better damn well not be something our government could have prevented but for not having enough money to cover all the homeland security needs because of the money needed for Iraq.

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