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Monday, November 24, 2003
      ( 11:25 AM )
Short Weeks and Spotty Postings

Forgive this mama for the spotty posting of the last few weeks. Because of the previously mentioned very dismal work transition that took place for me a week and a half ago, I have been slow to get back into my regular patterns and even energy levels. I have a feeling that the way this economy is affecting people includes more than making their pocketbooks lighter and their jobs more tenuous - I have a feeling there is probably a whole lot more blues going around as well. Anyway - I think I'm starting to get a handle on the whole doing-the-job-of-three-people thing and I should be able to once again happily take little breaks during my day to post my thoughts on my latest outrage. Never fear, this mama shall forge ahead! This week may not be a good example of that since I most likely won't post much after Wednesday, being that I, like most, take my holidays and days-off very seriously. Meanwhile, back to the outrages...

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