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Wednesday, December 10, 2003
      ( 2:04 PM )
Wake Up America

Great article by Harold Meyerson in today's WaPo. He argues that there are two kinds of Democrats, those who know they're being screwed and those who aren't paying attention:

It is the Bush White House and the Republican
Congress that set up this dynamic. By winning
office with a negative 540,000-vote margin and
then proceeding to govern in the most relentlessly
partisan fashion from the right, the president
has made unmistakably clear that the concerns of
Democrats are of no interest to him. On Capitol
Hill, meanwhile, the Republican leadership relies
solely on Republican votes to get its measures
passed, going so far as to exclude mainstream
Democrats from conference committees. When
America's new laws are to be negotiated,
Republicans talk only to themselves.

But like I keep saying, it's not just the Republicans who are making this happen. Our own party leaders are going along the garden path with them.

Disastrously, it's been the Democrats in Congress
who've been the slowest to pick up on their new
marginality. Some of the Democrats who voted to
authorize the Iraq war in October 2002 did so --
or say they did so -- in hopes of prodding Bush to
embrace a more multilateral approach toward Iraq.

This is why the "outsiders" are finally getting results. There was no where left for us to go, the only opportunities to actually oppose things had dwindled into nothingness. I can see why the media pundits have to read off the RNC hymnbook to describe the Dean campaign - there is nothing black and white about a few hundreds of thousands of disenchanted, disenfranchised voters taking matters into their own hands.

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