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Thursday, December 04, 2003
      ( 9:29 AM )
To The Moon!!!

George W. Bush plans to announce that he wants to send astronauts to the Moon. Yes, in an incredibly brave announcement on December 17, the President will set the unprecedented goal for the nation that by the end of the decade we will have landed a man on the moon! This is just another move in a series of courageous steps this president has taken to set the earth's agenda towards more progressive science and accomplishments. Already, people around the country are awed at the prospect that we might have the technology to actually fly a rocket to the moon, land on it, and step out onto the mysterious swiss cheese surface and play some golf!

US president George W. Bush is to announce
a new space program which could include
missions to the moon and possibly even to
Mars, reports say.

This is amazing. I wrongly thought that this president could do no good ever. How will we do it? This is unprecedented! It's never been done before! Some people may say that with a masterful plan like this, Bush might be trying to obfuscate the investigations into things like lies, leaks, deadly wars, etc., but I say, no, this is a far greater goal! It must have taken all the bravery in him to step into the spotlight of doubt and announce this incredible mission for our space program!

It must be courage, it must be visionary foresight! Here he is announcing, in the midst of a total freeze on NASA support, after years of neglecting the agency and giving it less than a penny for every tax dollar spent to help it upgrade its technology, resources and flying machines, we're now going to land on the moon? Oh, wait a minute... did someone just say that Halliburton has a new space division....

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