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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
      ( 4:01 PM )
Everybody's Sweetheart

Yep, Tom DeLay is once again making friends and influencing people. TBogg has a fantastic post today on ol' DeLay's new plan to rent a cruise ship and dock it in the harbor in New York for all the GOPers and their friends (read: lobbyists and hookers) to stay in during the 2004 Convention. But there's a wee problem...the GOP made a deal with the hotel service unions that guaranteed the unions wouldn't strike during the convention...but now the unions are saying that if the GOP doesn't stay in the hotels, they negotiated in bad faith, so the deal is off.

TBogg sums it up deliciously well:

Secondly, since when did the Republicans
care about the unions? Those people work
for a living and make good money, which
keeps them from enlisting in the military
because there are no living wage jobs. So
who is going to invade the other countries,
kill their leaders and convert their people to
Christianity? Huh? You see, unions are just
full of America haters, so screw 'em.

But go read the whole post... even to the very end it's pure TBogg-great.

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