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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
      ( 3:42 PM )
But the Little Lies Don't Matter...Right?

Ah... the thrill of the secret newstory! The joy of getting one up on the press and the democrats! It stirs the soul to hear of the fantastical 007-like moves of the President on Air Force One, barely missing being identified by a British Airlines pilot as they passed in the cold, dark night through which the president was whooshing across the sky in a daring and heroic dash into a warzone (oops- scratch that: a mission accomplished zone)! And the luck of sneaking by when the British pilot questioned whether it was indeed Air Force One and got the answer back that it was a Gulf Stream...and he kept quiet because he just knew something secret and amazing was happening!

But wait... British airlines said today that nope, none of their pilots contacted Air Force one when they were in the vicinity of its flight path.

"We have spoken to the British Airways
captains who were in the area at the time
and neither made comments to Air Force
One nor did they hear any other aircraft
make the statement over the radio,"
Verrier said.

The whole story about being contacted by a British Air pilot and Air Force One answering back that it was a Gulfstream was completely made up. Guess the White House needed that additional little tidbit to make the story even more delicious to the panting Fox News reporters on Thanksgiving day. It's like they are pathological now. They can't help but add a few little lies to everything! The big lies are getting buried under the little lies because the news media is so stupid. If you're going to manipulate a butt-kissing media that doesn't care about investigating stories before reporting, you might as well use cute stories with spy-thrilling bits to do it.

Meanwhile, the GIs that got visited for two hours on Thanksgiving day are still wishing they could have hitched a ride back on Air Force One instead of having to act grateful that Bush deigned to show up on the holiday he robbed them of in the first place...

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