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Monday, November 24, 2003
      ( 11:53 AM )
Did You Want Pork with That Thanksgiving Dinner?

Billmon has a very concise and informative post today about the money the GOP is raking in for its lobbyists though these recent bills. It's absolutely disgusting to read about how all these bills that they are forcing through, including the travesty of a "Medicare Bill" all include lots and lots of fat for the GOP senators and congressmen (including some you might not have guessed - go read Billmon's post). It truly is the nature of how our government works now.

I at first thought about posting about the travesty that is this Medicare bill, the sham hidden behind the new defense bill and of course the energy bill (that thank god has been taken off the table) that was basically written by oilmen. Then I thought I could probably sum up all this GOP legislation in one simple question: Why don't they just gun us down now? Why go about killing us all the slow and tedious way? Just break out the gatlins and smoke us. Because, seriously - the only thing I can tell that any of these bills are ultimately about is the annihilation of American citizens.

Come on, Senators and Congresspeople. Stop hiding behind gazillions of words on a paper - just kill us now and get it over with. Start with the old people - then the soldiers - then the folks on welfare... heck, might as well just kill us working poor in the first wave too because we're just a noose around your neck anyway, aren't we? Maybe I'll start all my letters to Congress from now on with the Re line: "Stop the Pretense: Just Kill Us All Now." Not that they'd get it.

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