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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
      ( 12:00 PM )
Weapons of Mass Destruction Found

In Texas. Of course, this story hasn't made the national news at all, and as Ornicus points out - probably won't since the perpetrators weren't muslims:

Federal authorities this year mounted one
of the most extensive investigations of
domestic terrorism since the Oklahoma City

Three people linked to white supremacist and
anti-government groups are in custody. At least
one weapon of mass destruction - a sodium
cyanide bomb capable of delivering a deadly gas
cloud - has been seized in the Tyler area.

When did this happen? Was it a story that got brushed over last week because of Bush's intrepid and fabulous Thanksgiving trip? Nope. These people were arrested in MAY.

Since arresting the three people in May, federal
agents have served hundreds of subpoenas
across the country in a domestic terror investigation
that made it onto President Bush’s daily intelligence
briefings and set off national security alarms
among the country’s most senior counter-terror

So my first question is: Does Homeland Security issue the terror alerts based on information like this, or do the alerts only have to do with Al Qeda. And if the alerts are about information like this, why have we been led to believe that all the threats are from muslim extremists and why have muslims and arabs been singled out for retribution, discrimination and false imprisonment when it looks to me like there is a nationwide conspiracy of white boys set on committing massive acts of terror in our land?

Evidence seized and the fact that none of the
defendants will talk has given rise to speculation
that unknown conspirators may be still be
involved in a broader plot to use Krar’s home-built
chemical weapons, government officials say.

“One would certainly have to question why an
individual would feel compelled to stockpile sodium
cyanide, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid,
unless they had some bad intent,” said Assistant
U.S. Attorney Wes Rivers, who is prosecuting the
case. “They certainly had the capacity to be
extremely dangerous.”

And evidently, the government was completely ignorant of this massive conspiracy until one of the blokes made a stupid remark on a mailed package. (Dumbness: often a cure for criminals getting away with things). So, just like before 9/11, one of our biggest threats is from our own citizens... and yet the Bush administration has failed to let us know the truth about this situation, continuing to perpetrate the racist and sectarian dogma that it has followed since 9/11 (and before). Sure, Al Qeda is still a threat, but that doesn't mean we should be lied to and other threats from inside our own towns and cities be dismissed as not important enough to let us know.

Then again, this administration isn't all that interested in our viability as long-living, healthy or safe human beings anyway. So why should they bother?

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