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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
      ( 1:25 PM )
The Nominations Are In

Tom Burka's got the low down:

Today, the White House garnered a host of
nominations in a crowded field for this year's
Academy Awards, stunning director Peter
Jackson and actors Tobe Maguire and
Uma Thurman.

George W. Bush was named for Best Actor,
"for his depiction of an utterly carefree man
blissfully leading the nation into war."

Karl Rove was named in the Best Director
category for his "stunning manipulation of
a difficult medium," and Dick Cheney was
nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for
his "scripting of scenario after scenario
based on a work of fiction."

Now if someone would just read that entire post out when they accept their award at the Oscars, all would be well with the universe!

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