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Friday, February 20, 2004
      ( 1:57 PM )

I've updated my links on the right side of your screen there - also updated my Election Helper box. I've decided to go a little more on the offense, so I've been looking around for good websites that argue the case against Bush. Not that we need more than our own common sense not to vote for him. I'm not full of any sort of enlightened ideas today, but have made some rounds and found some good reading if you're looking for it:

Body and Soul: interesting discussion today on Tony Blair's backbone (or lack thereof) and whether or not another president would have gone into Iraq as Bush did.

Maru, of course, has brilliant commentary on everything from the gutter to the college republicans (scary).

TBogg has a new look and breaks the story on Bush's intention today to install William Pryor onto the Circuit Court of Appeals without Senate approval.

Billmon's also got a great new look.

and World O'Crap (scroll down) takes on Ann Coulter for her disgusting column about Max Cleland. It's not just that she can't say she's sorry, she can't even find a drop of human kindness at all in her blood.

All in all, the gang is doing good work.

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