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Tuesday, March 30, 2004
      ( 3:32 PM )
Hold Breath. Plunge.

Well I did it. We did it. We made the decision that come hell or high water, I will go to grad school starting this June. I was initially accepted here for a Masters in Teaching program 2 years ago. Then I had a baby. Then my husband got laid off and I had to go back to work full time. They deferred me twice, but I didn't think my luck would hold out much longer (not to mention how drained I am from working in the soul-sucking cubicle atmosphere of corporate law firms the last 13 years of my life). So we summoned up all our courage to face a full year of no secure income, no secure health care, Mama up to her eyeballs studying and participating in group work and interning as a high school teacher and Daddy maybe no finding work and Baby turning 2 years old and ... well, you get the picture. But we figured probably if not now, never. So we're going into debt, I've applied for scholarships, we're scraping and saving and we're hoping that I will prove to be as good as I said I was in my application so that in a year or so I will begin a new incarnation as Mama The High School Teacher, imbuing high-risk students with the idea that the can actually make it in life, becoming a full fledged terrorist as part of a teacher's union, and getting really cool vacation hours. We shall see. First step taken.

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