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Wednesday, March 31, 2004
      ( 1:57 PM )

The Pentagon's Papers have been found at Starbucks. The Center for American Progress managed to get ahold of them:

Commissioner Richard Ben Veniste [quipped]
that "Condi Rice has appeared everywhere but at
my local Starbucks."

Well, others in the Bush administration did,
apparently, make an appearance at the local
Starbucks. And as the Washington Post reports
today, one of them - obviously readying himself
to prep Defense Secretary Rumsfeld - left his notes
on the table. Talking points, hand-written notes on
spin tactics that reveal the White House was
worried about former Bush adviser Richard Clarke's
charges, and a hand-drawn map to the Secretary's
house were found by a resident of DuPont Circle,
who made them available to the Center for American
Progress. The name of said resident is being withheld
at his request, as he fears that he may be accused
on national television of being "disgruntled."

The WaPo comments on the incident, noting that CAP appears to be having too much fun with this information. And why shouldn't they? And the guy who left the papers behind? Poor Eric, probably being outsourced as we speak.

(thanks to Maru for the heads up)

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