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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
      ( 9:33 AM )
Open Letter to Democrat Voters

I think you can stopy worrying about Ralph Nader now. The only press he gets is when democrats whine about him and rant that he'll steal votes from Kerry. He won't steal votes - he will barely get any because he will hardly be on any ballots in November. If you need proof that Nader is not a threat this time around, look no further than here in Portland. "Little Beruit," the granola-crunching leftie commies of Portland couldn't even pull together 1,000 people last night to get Nader's name on the Oregon ballot. The only other option that Nader supporters have here in Oregon is getting 15, 000 signatures before primary - not gonna happen. So if he can't even get on the ballot in a state that massively went for him in 2000, where he filled an entire stadium when he came to speak, I don't think dems need to worry anymore.

Let's focus on more immediate issues that could derail the fair counting of ballots in November: the lack of paper trail on the computerized voting machines. Check out TrueMajority if you want to get involved in making sure our votes are fairly and truthfully counted, and that we can get a recount if we need one.

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