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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
      ( 9:27 AM )
Campaign Blues

The president and John Kerry are off on the campaign trail today. The president thinks it is a wise expenditure of his time to ride a bus around and try to convince the unemployed population of Ohio that he has a plan to try and cure their anxiety (get them jobs, bring their kids home safely from Iraq? Nahh...).

It's been said many a time that a re-election campaign is basically a referendum on how the president is doing his job. It seems to me that it would be a much better use of his campaign time to actually DO his job, even try to do it well once in a while. Wouldn't THAT be the better campaign for him? While there are multiple world and national issues that really need attention and leadership, he feels it's more important to get on that bus. Now, I'm not saying he shouldn't have the right to campaign. What I'm saying is, wouldn't he have a better chance of winning votes if he actually showed he could do the job while he has it? In the end, Karl Rove knows Bush is a much better campaigner than he is a president. Besides, the dirty tricks are easier to pull off in campaigns than they are in actual foreign and domestic policy.

We FINALLY got a good Kerry commercial here in Oregon - I saw it for the first time this morning. Our airwaves were really getting the Bush negative/lying ad beating for a while and I kept wondering "where is the Kerry comeback?" It's finally starting. It was a good, positive ad and it showed hope and leadership. Exactly what the country ordered.

UPDATE: Tarek notes that Bush isn't actually riding the bus on his bus tour...oh and the questions are coming from androids, not actual Ohioans. Mama thinks that's probably best -- on both counts.

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