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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
      ( 1:51 PM )
What Josh Said

From Talking Points Memo today:

This isn't a matter of the aesthetics of leadership. It is
another example of how this president is a
commander-in-chief, how he demands no accountability
and, because of that, allows problems to fester and grow.
Though this may not be a direct example of it, he
also creates a climate tolerant of rule-breaking that
seeps down into the ranks of his subordinates, mixing
with and reinforcing those other shortcomings.

The disasters now facing the country in Iraq -- some in
slow motion, others by quick violence -- aren't just happening
on the president's watch. They are happening in a
real sense, really in the deepest sense, because of him
-- because of his attention to the simulacra of leadership
rather than the real thing, which is more difficult and
demanding, both personally and morally.

Exactly. The President hasn't read the report because, evidently (and as we learned during the 9/11 Commission Hearings), he doesn't read much in the way of reports about crucially important things that could affect the future security of our country and legitimacy of our government. Despite the fact that the entire world is building up into one big explosion of anger towards us, Bush actually reiterated to his campaign crowds today that the world is better off with out Saddam in power.

Just because you think you can create your own reality doesn't mean the actual reality isn't going to bite you in the ass.

Award for the No Sh*t Sherlock headline of the day: "Abuse story a blow to U.S. claims of moral high ground" (thanks to maru for that one).

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