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Tuesday, June 01, 2004
      ( 10:03 AM )
Intent to Destroy

George Bush has been very busy bashing John Kerry in television commercials (a new study says that 75% of Bush's ads have been negative) - 49,050 of them (and of course most of them are all lies). (thanks to Digby for the link). So Bush probably hoped it would slip by our notice that he plans to completely gut the services that our most vulnerable citizens depend on if he is reelected. Krugman explains:

Last week The Washington Post got hold of an Office of Management and Budget memo that directed federal agencies to prepare for post-election cuts in programs that George Bush has been touting on the campaign trail. These include nutrition for women, infants and children; Head Start; and homeland security. The numbers match those on a computer printout leaked earlier this year — one that administration officials claimed did not reflect policy.

Beyond the routine mendacity, the case of the leaked memo points us to a larger truth: whatever they may say in public, administration officials know that sustaining Mr. Bush's tax cuts will require large cuts in popular government programs. And for the vast majority of Americans, the losses from these cuts will outweigh any gains from lower taxes.

The truth is that Bush's tax cuts WON'T help this country. He wants the public to think that the tax cuts are what will boost the economy back into working order, but that is exactly opposite of what will happen. Not only is it unprecedented that taxes are cut not once, but TWICE, during a war buildup and invasion, but these tax cuts will only lead to cutting services and raising other fees for working families.

This election is about more than Iraq. This election is our chance to shake America out of the stupor it's been in, and which Bush and his cronies have taken advantage of every chance they can. Every budget choice Bush has made, every action he has taken with regard to our economy has been bad for Americans. If we allow him four more years in office, it will be our children that truly suffer. Are you willing to take the chance this could happen? Please make sure that everyone you know is registered to vote by the end of this summer. It's a summer project that could really make a difference.

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