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Friday, November 05, 2004
      ( 10:31 AM )
Outside the Echo Chamber

We're all so busy talking about this thin percentage win, that Bush doesn't have a mandate, that the red states really are much more purple than anything, that the kids did come out and vote... it may make some people feel better, but it is meaningless.

I just spoke with one of my dearest friends, born and raised in northern Ireland. She's seen and felt the boot of oppressive government, militarized police, the lack of voting rights or homeowning rights, she's felt the pain living in a country where she is not represented or counted as a valuable citizen. I didn't know who else would understand how I'm feeling. We're not as bad as that yet, but we are now on our way, full speed ahead. And Bush is making no bones about his plan to do what he wants, and with gusto. I asked my friend to please tell everyone she knows that not all America wanted this, in fact half of it didn't. Her reply? "But enough of your people did want it, and that's what the rest of the world sees. We don't understand. We don't know why so many Americans want to keep killing people and keep hurting themselves." The thin margin doesn't matter to those who see us from outside this echo chamber and often feel the brunt of our negative power. "But worse," she said, "is I really fear for you now because he's really opened you up for attack - you are not safe any longer because your country has shown you don't care."

In other words....

(thanks to Dad for the picture). Oh by the way, our troops are still being killed and maimed. What is Bush going to do about it? He hasn't thought about it. Did you expect things to change?

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