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Sunday, December 12, 2004
      ( 9:11 AM )
Christmas Card Crisis

I am among the hoards who send out Christmas cards every year - the once a year reach-out-and-touch to people we never speak to the rest of the year. What a bizarre tradition. This year, I'm having trouble with my cards, though. Usually we write a short letter that tells what's happened with us during the year, etc - you know the drill. But this year, I feel really strongly that I need to communicate that despite the echo chamber across this country, that "moral values" aren't just for Bushies - but then, every time I sit down to write, it just sounds way too preachy or just too political. But then when I resign myself to the banal "Peace on Earth...maybe this year" and leaving it at that, it just seems so empty and shallow. But the holidays may not be the time to get political - yet it's the only time we communicate with a lot of people and what better time to say what we really feel as our country sits on this precipice, teetering towards our uncertain future. Should I just include an excerpt of Barak Obama's fantastic DNC speech? Or should I list what my family's values are? Or should I just say "Happy Holidays" and be done with it. Would I actually be able to make someone who receives my card think about their assumptions, or consider their apathy? I just want to be honest and not ignore what is happening to our country and to its citizens under a cloud of holiday fuzzy wishes.

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