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Wednesday, December 15, 2004
      ( 8:11 AM )
La La La

Singing while Rome burns, Dick Cheney said today that Bush's tax cuts should be made permanent, because that's what will help our economy!

The administration is hoping to build momentum for Bush's ambitious second-term agenda during the two-day White House-sponsored conference. Various panels were scheduled to address Bush's proposals on overhauling the tax code and Social Security as well as promoting freer trade and placing limits on lawsuits
...when asked whether it bothers him that soldiers and marines, not to mention civilians and Iraqi police, are dying every day in an illegal war/occupation that this administration isn't even paying attention to anymore, Cheney commented that once the tax cuts are made permanent and Social Security is on its way to being completely dismantled, then we will see how this war has really been worth it!

While the rich folks get their permanent tax breaks, those soldiers and marines will need to get more skilled at dumpster diving for armor for their vehicles. Probably good practice anyway, since dumpster diving is what a large percentage of them will have to do for food once they return to find absolutely zero benefits or support from the government that sent them to die in the desert for no good reason.

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