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Wednesday, January 26, 2005
      ( 9:40 AM )
No on Gonzales

Well, Condi got approved today - no surprise. I AM disappointed that only 12 Dems (and 1 independent - Jeffords) voted against her. What could it have hurt to say no to her- isn't that what Congressional Oversight is for? John McCain whined that the opposition was about being poor losers. Is there any respect left for dissent and the role of an opposition party? I guess not when one party rules the entire government.

Onto Gonzales. Kos has written a statement about why Gonzales is unfit to serve as Attorney General. As a several-years blogger, I join this statement with my full support and add my voice to the No on Gonzales refrain. There is absolutely no excuse for someone like this being the attorney for the people of this country. Not only will he have too many conflicts to serve as an accountability for the administration, but he has too long a history of abuse of power. It's a bad deal any way you look at it. Just say No.

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