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Tuesday, March 22, 2005
      ( 8:32 AM )

Extra! Extra! David Brooks actually expends the energy to write an entire column about the corruption and graft in the Republican leadership and their lobbyist cronies! Who knew this day would come? I guess even Brooks can't stand it anymore.

Back in 1995, when Republicans took over Congress, a new cadre of daring and original thinkers arose. These bold innovators had a key insight: that you no longer had to choose between being an activist and a lobbyist. You could be both. You could harness the power of K Street to promote the goals of Goldwater, Reagan and Gingrich. And best of all, you could get rich while doing it!

The kinds of immoral actions these men and their buddies have taken the last few years is not only dispicable, it is a shame on us all for not keeping accountable the people who are supposed to represent us as citizens of a country that is fast losing its grasp on democracy.

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