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Friday, April 22, 2005
      ( 1:32 PM )
Just Say No

Today Portland became the first city in the nation to withdraw cooperation from the Joint Terrorism Task Force. B!x has the whole and ongoing story.

Tom Potter, our new mayor, had insisted that either he be given the clearance to particiapte in the JTTF's mission and know what Portland police officers are involved in, or the police should not participate. The argument, in this citizen's point of view is cogent: The citizens, as represented by the mayor, should know what our cops are up to. And the JTTF isn't into anything but secret and manipulative tactics. Our police in this city have enough problems and it seems like a smart idea to put our cops back where they belong. The agreement reached between Potter and the JTTF ensures ongoing communication, cooperation and support in the fight against terrorism. Our JTTF doesn't have the most stellar reputation, and while some people (Lars Larsen) believe our Portland streets are running rampant with would-be terrorists, for the most part, they are unwelcome in this community. Now, all we have to do is get the police to respond to the drive by shootings in Northeast and quit ignoring us.... maybe if we said they were terrorists...

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