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Friday, April 15, 2005
      ( 1:10 PM )
You've GOT to be kidding me...

Kos hits it on the nail: "This is going to get ugly." The radical right is starting a campaign that involves Sen. Frist and James Dobson to convince Christians in a TV special that the filibuster is being used to discriminate against "people of faith." They are two-faced devils. On the one side, they claim that the judiciary must be impeached when it doesn't make decisions they like, and on the other side, they are saying that Congress isn't approving enough judges! In fact, Congress has only disapproved 10 of George Bush's judicial nominees, while it denied Clinton 55 of his nominees in the same time period. Let's get serious here. The fundamentalists' move to take over the government is very real. They do it by lying and obfuscating. Their beliefs have nothing to do with what Jesus taught, and everything to do with wanting what the Wahabist House of Saud has: a country ruled by a fundamentalist minority with all the wealth and power centralized and democracy gone the way of the Enlightenment.

A Kossack uses Photoshop with style - "American Taliban: It isn't Oppression if you Voted for it."

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