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Thursday, September 01, 2005
      ( 6:13 PM )
What Words

...can describe what is going on in this country? In the richest country on earth, we are allowing people to die in the streets. I cannot fathom what is happening in the Gulf Coast. I see the pictures on the television and I can't even begin to imagine what is to become of us. People begging for help, people who could have been helped sooner, who could have been gotten out before devastation hit. But our leadership values corporate welfare more than it values human lives. Thus, rescue missions were cut off in order to protect stores' profits. No federal power has been put to use by insisting that airlines and hotel chains open their doors and just help to get the people OUT before they all die. No federal muscle has been put on the gas companies. Everyone already knows that the fact that the poor people of New Orleans are the ones most suffering and dying - but does that matter? And we have no army to declare marshall law, send in the troops and just GET THE PEOPLE OUT.

If you can host a refugee family, MoveOn has a way for you to help.

It appears the federal government expect all of us citizens to take care of this situation. Fine, we will do that - we love our fellow man and we value their lives. It's utterly incredible to me what is happening.

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