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Monday, April 21, 2003
      ( 9:46 AM )
Commenting on Comments

For some reason, Shout Out, which I use for my comments, decided to stop showing the amount of comments when they are made to posts...therefore making it appear that no comments have been made. Thus, I have been under the mistaken impression that no comments have been made on my blog the last week. And, of course, then feeling very depressed and neglected. BUT, I just discovered this oversight in my commenting situation - So thank you everybody for all your comments that I didn't even know were there - I've now read them all!

P.S. to Jack Bog regarding the graffiti: you know, you've got a point. While I'm not as opposed to graffiti as I probably should be as a concerned citizen, I do see what you mean about it. I don't see all that many white guys in their 20's around my neighborhood, so I'm not altogether sure they would be the culprits as you suggest, but you definitely have some good points about the issue!

Okay, I'm signing off this post now to go fool with my stupid template and see if I can shake these stupid comments straight. Barney, feel free to help me if you have the time!!!

UPDATE: I can't figure out at all how to make the number of comments show...so this will mean that I will be sure to check all the comments, even if it looks like there aren't any. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!!

UPDATE 2: Since I can't figure out how to make my comments work, I've added a counter to my site. Of course, it only starts counting today, but oh well. Better late than never.

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