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Wednesday, August 13, 2003
      ( 9:18 AM )
A Fair and Balanced Call to Arms

Neal Pollack has put out the call. Friday the 15th is the day:

...I declare this Friday a day of emergency protest.

Yes. This Friday, August 15, is Fair And Balanced day on the Internet.
You are all hereby instructed to use the words Fair And Balanced in
very creative ways on your various websites. My cosponsor in this effort, '
Atrios, informs me that many of you are already using "Fair And Balanced"
in your taglines. Very good. Sometimes, I swear you don't even need
instructions from me. But we can go further. Tell Fox News to take its
Fair And Balanced slogan and shove it up its Fair And Balanced hole.
Feel free to be more subtle than that, if you wish.

To repeat. This Friday is Fair And Balanced day. Use the slogan at will.
I will not be keeping track of the uses on this site, because it made me
tired last time, but I still trust that you will spread the virus in funny and
creative ways. We cannot let Fox News beat us, people. If they sue one,
they can sue all. Al Franken has resources. Fox News' next victim
might not be so lucky.

Blah3 continues his coverage of the movement and announces that Al's book sales were up 14,300% as of this morning. Wow.

So Friday, be Fair and Balanced or be square.... or like Tom Burka, go to a Fair and Balance...

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