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Wednesday, January 28, 2004
      ( 1:49 PM )
Running Mate Blues?

BlahBlahBlah notes that Cheney may not be long for the Republican ticket. Could he be right?

The vice president, whose apparent moderation
and 35-year Washington experience reassured
voters worried about the callowness and
inexperience of Bush during the 2000 campaign,
is seen more and more by Republican Party
politicos as a drag on the president's re-election
chances in what is expected to be an extremely
close race.

The reasons are simple: instead of the moderate
voice of wisdom and caution that voters thought
they were getting in the vice president, ongoing
disclosures about his role in the drive to war in
Iraq and other controversial administration plans
depict him as an extremist who constantly pushed
for the most radical measures.

It's about time the sharks start circling that blood-covered white house. Perhaps there is some panic in the ol' Rove War Room? We can only hope.

Story from Hesiod.

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