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Friday, January 02, 2004
      ( 12:36 PM )
The Universe Strikes Back - Again

I'm sure you've heard the recent reports about Dark Energy. I first heard about it on a BBC report sometime in the late hours about three weeks ago. It sounded like a huge story to me: the universe is actually expanding at an increased rate and this dark energy is gobbling stuff up... but no one seemed to pay much attention. But I've heard two or three reports on NPR since then (I think they're talking a little bit about it on Science Friday today). I have to confess that I'm very intrigued. That 2/3 of the universe could be completely unidentifiable to scientists and that the calculations of physicists so far are concluding that not only is there Dark Matter, but there is Dark Energy out there - further solidifies my theory that the more we mess with stuff, the more the universe is going to be reminding us who is Boss.

I think it's a fitting way to start the new year: being very aware that the universe has got us in its sights... puts things in the right perspective, I'd say.

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