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Monday, February 23, 2004
      ( 9:53 AM )

Just wanted to point out a few new links I have up. Some of my new favorite blogs include:

Public Domain Progress - a blog by Michael Miller that really speaks out on the issues that are close to my heart. I also like that PDP is an unapologetic Kucinich supporter. I felt that way about Nader in 2000 (and still do, but more on that later). It is important that we not only vote our consciences but that we work to wake up more people to the truth, and I find that a very valuable quality in an activist. If Kucinich is on my primary ballot, I may very well vote for him (Dean won't be on it, and my primary, in May, is likely not even going to hit the media radar anyway) - he represents and stands up for the truth - even when he wasn't running for president. I hope he stays in the race to the end and that he is given a prominent speaking place at the convention.

I've got a new Iraq blog up - Iraq News Online. It gives reports from inside Iraq and what is still going on there. This is crucial information - if people begin to forget about Iraq, then it's not only that country that will falter, but our own. We did what we did and we damned well better see it through. We only learn from our mistakes if we actually pay attention to their consequences.

Not in My America is another great blog. I like it because Steve, the author, really contemplates issues and writes really well-written commentary. I truly enjoy reading good writing and am inspired by great thought processes. I recommend this one.

And my new favorite Southern Belle - Collective Sigh. She combines a great sense of humor with commentary that I love from women - the biting kind! Besides, she's 33% evil, and I'm only 24%, so I have something to work towards.

And, like many Dean supporting blogs, Veterans for Dean has transitioned into its own independent vehicle: Voice of a Veteran. Even if you are not personally involved in military issues, I encourage you to read this blog often - the independent blogging of a veteran that doesn't agree with the administration is a valuable voice in our day and age, and issues that affect the military and veterans always ultimately affect us as citizens. It is a great blog.

Finally on News gathering, I've got a new link up to Int'l News - it's a smorgasboard of news from around the world. If you're looking for international perspective, or even articles from around the nation from papers not often accessed, this is the place to easily collect it.

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