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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
      ( 4:19 PM )
Aw, Looky at the President's New Jacket!

One has to wonder if he likes this gig just for all different jackets he gets to wear. Here he is sporting his newest jacket for the start of the baseball season - and sources say that the stadium in St. Louis piped in cheering to cover the sound of boos from the audience - meanwhile, Sky TV reports that upwards of 130 soldiers could be dead or wounded from the mass uprising taking place right now in Iraq. Hopefully Sky is wrong -- looks like it may be a total body count, not just of coalition soldiers. Still, it's a horrible number for a 24 hour time period. Bush continues to reject a increase of troops on the ground - but sure, he'll extend the rotation times, because that will really make the troops more able to face this disaster.

One of the soldiers killed this weekend was from here, in Gresham, Oregon. And reports say that troops coming back on this most recent rotation are swearing that they will not go back, no matter what.

I guess Bush must be relieved he doesn't have to pick out a special jacket everytime more coffins come home - since he doesn't even bother to notice them.

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