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Tuesday, April 06, 2004
      ( 1:21 PM )
Sucks to be the Canary

In January 2001, Gary Hart and Warren Rudman reported to George W. Bush and his administration that terrorists were likely to attack soon, and that our country was not prepared. Their report even forecasted attacks using airplanes. Yet even though this report was issued 8 months prior to September 11, the 9/11 Commission has not asked Hart or Rudman or anyone else that was involved in the report to testify. Hart wonders why:

Why would a commission investigating the events leading
up to 9/11 not want to know what an earlier commission
learned about potential terrorist attacks and what
recommendations it gave to the new administration? This
would seem to any reasonable person to be of intense
interest to the press and the public the media serves.
Apparently not. Apparently the politics of whether National
Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice will testify under oath
and the drama of personal assaults on chief terrorism
advisor Richard Clarke exhaust media attention. It is
difficult to know, or to understand, why this is so.

Because the media is a bunch of lazy-asses who wouldn't know how to pursue a line of investigation if it hit them in the face. The 9/11 Commission, on the other hand, I would expect a little more from. Perhaps the fact that its executive Director was part of the Bush transition team on National Security matters is what could be keeping the Commission from hearing Hart's testimony about what the president DID know, and exactly WHEN he knew it?

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