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Friday, November 05, 2004
      ( 11:08 AM )
DO NOT Turn Right

One thing that progressives MUST do now is exert the pressure on the party that they had a taste of with the Dean campaign. We must put true liberal values back into play. Liberal = Liberty. We believe in freedom and we believe in truth. The time now is NOT for Clinton (Bill or Hillary), Kerry, Gore or McAuliffe. Their days are over, their strategies and values bankrupt. We must turn back left, we must regain our hold on the real morals that matter: feeding the poor, not bombing them, helping the elderly, not robbing them, educating children, not sweatshopping them, taking care of working people, not abusing them. I am absolutely done with the Democratic party if it swings back to the DLC/Clinton leadership and tries to go more right again. That Hillary Clinton even spoke this week about working with Bush and trying to get things done with him signals to me that I was right - there is no Wellstone for us now. And it's a Wellstone that we need.

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