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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
      ( 1:58 PM )

If you don't know where to direct your desire to help the victims in Southeast Asia, I highly recommend Portland-based Mercy Corps. My next-door neighbor and friend works for them and I know personally the people and the efforts they make to help people across the world - not just to survive disasters, but to improve their quality of life. In just this year, my friend has traveled to Liberia, Indonesia, Ghana, and other areas of the world that have people who desperately need help. She and her husband lived for a year in Afghanistan after 9/11 helping the people there, and she I'm sure will be part of the efforts now in Southeast Asia.

You can donate through their website at Mercycorps.org.

It is hard to feel so helpless in the wake of such overwhelming tragedy, but we can do small things together. More than ever, this world is becoming a family of human beings no longer separated by distance or communication issues - we are able to help each other, and so I hope we will do what we can.

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