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Monday, April 21, 2003
      ( 4:15 PM )
Just Wondering:

1. Why is there so much press coverage of SARS, with its 160 deaths worldwide, and barely a word mentioned (none that I can actually find without indepth searches) on the Ebola pandemic that has claimed over 150 lives in one country (the Congo) alone?

2. How can FoxNews condemn CNN for their war coverage when Fox's own military analyst retired Maj. Gen Paul Vallely is the one who pioneered the concept "MindWar," which is the use of electronic media, television and radio in the "deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war" ? This MindWar Experiment brought you by FOX!!!

3. Why can Bush declare so emphatically that he is going to help the economy and lift consumer spending via his tax cut plan? Since when did cutting the taxes of the most wealthy and giving tax breaks to corporations and business help consumer spending? The people who actually spend money and put what they earn back into the economy are not the ones he's helping! How can America take him seriously anymore?

4. Where did all the Democrats in Congress go? Why did it take moderate Republican Senators to block the gigantic BushCo tax cut package, and hardly a concise argument against it was made in the press by any Democrat?

5. Why did CNN cut Crossfire, its only interesting (and actual debate) program, to 1/2 hour in order to air hours up on hours of Paula Zahn gushing endlessly about nothing?

6. Where is the breaking point for Americans to take all this crap we're being served? Haven't we reached it yet?

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