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Thursday, July 31, 2003
      ( 3:33 PM )
Keeping Track

You may have been fooled of late by the various reports in the media of 45 or so deaths of soldiers since the president's May 1 announcement of "Mission Accomplished," because you know that it must be more than that. Well, there is a site keeping track of it all for you: the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count. The authors of the site have done extensive research and are keeping close track of the count, which is averaging 1 per day right now. The fact that the media does not portray deaths that happen because of friendly fire or vehicle or weapons accidents as "counting" is disturbing, as if those soldiers did not die on the battlefield or in the course of duty. What's even more disturbing are the 3 possible suicides amongst the dead. It's time for the press to start being honest with the American people about the toll this war is taking on our troops...and by extension, their families and the country that supports them.

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