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Tuesday, January 13, 2004
      ( 5:07 PM )
Hey, I Was Only Joking

When I said a month ago about President Bush's intention to go to the Moon:

Here he is announcing, in the midst of a total freeze
on NASA support, after years of neglecting the agency
and giving it less than a penny for every tax dollar
spent to help it upgrade its technology, resources and
flying machines, we're now going to land on the moon?
Oh, wait a minute... did someone just say that Halliburton
has a new space division....

But Billmon found that it's not so funny anymore:

Dr. Geoffrey Briggs, director, Center for Mars
Exploration at the NASA Ames Center, told ?Meet
Alaska? that NASA is looking at ways to drill on
Mars to look for water - and the life it might

Briggs said NASA has been working with Halliburton,
Shell, Baker-Hughes and the Los Alamos National
Laboratory to identify drilling technologies that might
work on Mars.

And you thought that this administration couldn't get more fictional than it already has. If we have to live through four more years of these people, we may very well find ourselves wearing tan colored jumpsuits, using the scan code tattoos on our hands to purchase food, and watching the news for the latest updates on the invasion of North Korea. Maybe I shouldn't joke anymore.

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